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Austin D. Jordan
NFL Experience: 
Founder of, NFL Expert and considered to be one of the Top NFL Fantasy Football Experts in the industry.

Austin D. Jordan is the Founder

In addition to, Jordan is a Businessman, Director, Producer, Publicist, Talent Manager and Marketing Professional for people and companies in the Entertainment, Music, Modeling and Sports Industries.

Connect with Austin:

Austin D. Jordan is a businessman that mainly works in marketing and advertising within the entertainment, music and sports industries. However, Jordan is truly a renaissance man. His thinking outside the box, optimistic, idealistic, and adventurous attitude sets him apart from other entrepreneurs and businessmen.

Jordan has three main philosophies by which he lives. 1. DBWA (Dream, Believe, Work, Achieve.). 2. Treat others the way you want your loved ones to be treated. 3. He'd rather try and fail then to never try in the first place.


Q: When did Austin first discover his love for the NFL?
A: 1979
Q: When did Austin first get into Fantasy Football?
A: 1995
Q: When did Austin launch
A: July 21, 2011
Q: Where was Austin born?
A: Kentucky
Q: When did Austin first get into business?
A: Austin opened his first incorporated business when he was only 19 years old. However, as a child he collected sports cards and even set up at card shows as a vendor.

Random Facts: Austin's father was Kentucky Senator James A. Hicks. Austin loves animals especially big cats and sharks. Austin's favorite sport is football. Austin ran track from fourth grade through his junior year in high school. He played baseball from age eight through his freshman year in high school, hitting .578 as a freshman varsity baseball player. He once stole nine bases in a single high school game. Austin's baseball career ended after severely breaking his thumb playing a summer league baseball game. Despite his severely broken thumb, he played Right Field in the Championship game and bunted every at bat due to not being able to swing a baseball bat.