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Former NFL Players by Austin D. Jordan

Dear Former NFL Player(s),

You may no longer play in the NFL but you are still very important to NFL Real Fans. Being a Real NFL Fan myself, on January 23, 2013 I came up with an idea to show my appreciation for you. I started exploring the idea of creating pages on and using it's social media to advertise for former NFL Players.

What does this cost a former NFL Player? $0.00! I will create you a page on and promote the page for you for free. I would like for your page to include 4 or 5 pictures, links to your website, social media, etc., and a "Life after the NFL" OR Biography. All of those things would need to be provided to me by you, the player, and I am flexible with the amount of content depending upon how much you want to provide.

Why on earth would I do this? Me getting to make a connection with you and more traffic for When I advertise your page people will go to your page by clicking your link, then click your links, and check out the rest of too.

Furthermore, and myself (Austin D. Jordan) are partners with Google and can help you get a free verified page on Google+ as well.

KEY NOTES: launched on July 21, 2011, and Austin D. Jordan partnered with Google on August 15, 2012, nor myself Austin D. Jordan are affiliated with the NFL or NFLPA, @NFLVR on Twitter currently has over 125,000 followers, and NFLVR on Google+ is currently in over 176,000 circles.

Here are a couple of pages I have already done for other former NFL Players:
Jay Foreman (Texans, Bills, 49ers, Giants)
Tim McTyer (Browns, Eagles, Colts)

I would love to work with you and get your page published in as soon as one day!

Austin D. Jordan
Owner & Founder of
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