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Lil Richie and The NFL Locker room

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Obviously Lil Richie (I refer to him as that because inside that big body of his he knows he a lil boy) has found trouble again. To be honest when the news first came out I knew he had something to do with it. Call it a good guess, I call it a pattern. Lil Richie has always been or tried to a bully and for the most part it has worked for him. I have first hand knowledge because my brother grew up with Lil Richie and said he's always wanted people to think he was crazy but in reality he a punk. He is what he is.

I know major media outlets are giving the impression that ALL NFL locker rooms are like this or have their own set of rules. That in itself is stupid. Actually majority of locker rooms in professional sports are just like real life. There are good guys, bad guys, funny guys, Christians, Muslims, Phony Christians, snitches, drug users, wife beaters and cheaters. The list could go on and on but to say this is the norm is far from the truth. I don't call what the norm is "hazing" I call it "paying your dues." I think when teams have a strong locker room things like this doesn't happen or better yet doesn't grow legs like this has for more than a year. The best teams usually have the best locker rooms and that doesn't mean everything is all rosy in that room either.

Here's how a rookie is usually treated. On Friday's you are responsible for bringing breakfast or donuts if asked, Chicken on the trip to away games and one dinner for you position group a year. Is that so bad? Sprinkle in the odd time you have to get up and sing for all of 30 seconds or carry pads in for the vets. I never had a problem with it even though i hated it sometimes because if a Hall of Fame player(s) had to do it so why shouldn't I have to?

The bottom line is there is plenty of blame, mainly Lil Richie. But I also blame the players, coaches, trainers, equipment guys and front office. We as players know there is no way they didn't know or better yet knew how far it was going. Every locker room has informants and people in the building that give information to the coaches and administration. The coaches and front office are the authority figures and are ultimately responsible for everything that goes on at their work place and that's no different than corporate america. There is reason laws are made for things like this. I don't see how Martin will ever be respected again in a NFL locker room or how Lil Richie will ever suit up again. Both decent players but with all the media that would come with, would it be worth it? Probably not.

Guys like Lil Richie are on every team at every level!!! There were guys like that in HS, Nebraska and the NFL. They prey on the weak and if the weak never stand up for himself and does something about it then it can become a problem. Bottom line is, Lil Richie needs his ass whooped one good time and this would have never happened.

On a side note, I also look at this as a indirect problem from how we "coddle" our kids and athletes. Most of the time human nature takes over, what I mean is either you are the hunter or hunted in sports. Back when I played this thing would have been handle long before any phone calls or text were exchanged. By "coddling" these kids you create a since of entitlement that can lead to "bullying" or just a lack of heart. If you ever wonder why teams fold when times get tough, just ask the players if they have to wait outside the varsity locker room and wait for their name to be called (us old heads know what i mean).

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