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NFL Wildcard Weekend

Cincinnati Bengals at Houston Texans: This is the most unpredictable game of the weekend to me because the Texans have not done well against playoff caliber teams and the Bengals are playing very well right now. I could see it being a low scoring, high scoring, close or even a blowout game both ways. The most certain thing to me is A.J. Green should have a decent to great game and the excitement of uncertainty should make it fun to watch. I pick the Texans to win because they are at home and have a lot to prove despite the Bengals being the hotter team right now.

Minnesota Vikings at Green Bay Packers: The Green Bay Packers are fresh off a loss in Minnesota against the Vikings and are now as healthy as they have been all season. Now that Jordy Nelson, Greg Jennings, Randall Cobb, Charles Woodson, and Clay Matthews are all back I think the Packers are the most dangerous team in the playoffs. I see the Packers beating the Vikings in Green Bay but do expect Adrian Peterson aka "AP2K" to have another big game. A key player to watch for Fantasy Football purposes is Packers RB DuJaun Harris, I see big things coming for him in the playoffs and the 2013 Regular Season if the Packers Running Back situation doesn't change.

Indianapolis Colts at Baltimore Ravens: This is an intriguing game. On paper the Baltimore Ravens are superior to the Colts when considering home/away stats. As everyone knows I've said since well before the 2012 NFL Regular Season started that Andrew Luck would have the best rookie season of any QB in the history of the NFL, stats projection tweet from 8/4/2012. Well, at this point it would be difficult to argue against that based upon passing yards and team record. Yes, everyone says what about Luck's turnovers and my reply is always the same, Luck won 11 games overcoming those turnovers. So, all of his game winning drives and overcoming the turnovers would actually be an argument in favor of Luck, not against him. Look at the amount of dropped balls and tipped Int's he had, they're amazingly high. Anyway, I see Ray Rice and Bernard Pierce running away with this game at home and Joe Flacco is going to do everything he can to prove to the Ravens he deserves to be paid. Plus, let's not forget the obvious "Win one for the Gipper" mind-set since Ray Lewis announced he's retiring after this playoff ride. So, I look for the Ravens to pull this one out unless it's close late in the fourth quarter because I have way more faith in Andrew Luck than I do Joe Flacco, quite frankly the two aren't comparable, Luck is superior.

Seattle Seahawks at Washington Redskins: I love this game because I wrote way back on May 14, 2012 that Russell Wilson was "Fool's Gold", meaning all hype and I had very valid reasons for feeling that way. Granted, the entire situation changed when the Seahawks traded Tarvaris Jackson and I've been proven wrong big time but at least I closed that article stating I hoped I was wrong. All I can say about Russell Wilson now is he is underrated and whatever "it" is, he's got it. On the flip side I think Robert Griffin III will win ROY due to his hype, having the highest rookie QB rating in the history of the NFL, and his rushing stats. However, if people were to watch RG3's games closely you'd notice a disturbing trend about him getting a lot of his passing stats off of basically hail mary's, at least two a game. In this game I highly doubt RG3 gets to connect on any of those big hail mary's since the Seahawks CB's are big, tall, physical, and fast. People are going to think I'm completely nuts but I think the Seattle Seahawks will blowout the Washington Redskins in this game, win by at least two touchdowns. There is no hotter team in the NFL right now than the Seahawks, RG3 does not look like himself, Alfred Morris is coming off his career game, and the Redskins and emotional victory at home.

Happy NFL Wildcard Weekend, it should be fun to watch,

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