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Super Bowl XLVII: Ravens at 49ers by Austin D. Jordan

The Super Bowl is finally upon us! Whether you are a Baltimore Ravens or San Francisco 49ers Fan you have to be very happy with the fact your team is playing in the Super Bowl. That being said, I would like to congratulate everyone involved in both organizations and fan bases. You have had great seasons!

The Baltimore Ravens are not the same 10-6 team from the 2012 NFL Regular Season. They are in fact an inspired, focused, determined, and almost destined team, but it is not a coincidence. Two of the main reasons are as follows: On December 10, 2012, the Ravens switched to Jim Caldwell as the Offensive Coordinator and on January 2, 2013, Ray Lewis announced his plan to retire after this playoff "ride."

Since Jim Caldwell became the Offensive Coordinator, the Ravens are 4-1 (excluding Week 17) and averaged 28.0 points per game. In those 5 games, Joe Flacco has averaged 283.2 yards passing per game and has thrown 12 touchdowns with only 1 interception. Flacco has thrown at least 2 touchdowns in every one of those games and the 1 interception (Flacco's last turnover) was in Caldwell's very first game as the new OC. Flacco has never gone 5 consecutive games in his NFL Career without a turnover. The Super Bowl will technically be game six if you include Week 17, which I'm excluding in this instance. Therefore, the Super Bowl will be Flacco's 5th full game. To add more fuel to this fire, since Ray Lewis announced this would be his last "ride," the Ravens are 3-0.

The Ravens are not the only team in this Super Bowl to make a major change during this season. The San Francisco 49ers switched from QB Alex Smith to QB Colin Kaepernick after the November 11, 2012 Rams game. Therefore, Colin Kaepernick has started the last 9 games for the 49ers. In those 9 games, the 49ers are 7-2 and averaged 28.6 points per game. I do, however, find it intriguing that Kaepernick averages 224.0 passing yards per game and 0.7 passing touchdowns per game in the three dome games he started versus 238.0 passing yards per game and 1.8 passing touchdowns per game in outside games. I know the passing yards per game doesn't sound like that big of a difference, but in one of those outside games, he rushed for 181 yards which obviously would take away from his passing yards in that particular game.

Ravens QB Joe Flacco 250+ passing yards, 2+ touchdowns, and 1 interception. Ravens WR Anquan Boldin 70+ receiving yards and 1 touchdown. Ravens TE Dennis Pitta 50+ receiving yards and 1 touchdown. 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick 240+ passing yards, 1-2 touchdowns, 1 interception, 30+ rushing yards, and 1 rushing touchdown if he doesn't throw for at least 2. 49ers RB Frank Gore 80+ total yards and 1+ touchdowns. 49ers TE Delanie Walker 30+ receiving yards and 1 touchdown.

As some of you know I am 9-1 with my playoff picks thus far, tweet proof of my picks so far. So, after taking everything I stated above and many many other factors and variables into account, I have decided to make two picks in this game. I pick the OVER 47.5 total points and I pick the RAVENS +4. My guess is the 49ers win 34-31 or 31-28 but I do not feel strongly enough about this guess to make it my pick because I could easily see the Ravens win this game outright.

The bottom line is this should be a high scoring, exciting, and fun Super Bowl for all NFL Fans to watch. So, enjoy it even if your team is the losing team.

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