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Super Bowl XLVIII Picks

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Unlike most other so-called NFL and Fantasy Football "Experts," this so-called "Expert" truly cares about my followers & fans and their opinions. The Super Bowl is the biggest game that happens in the NFL World, and I realize you have more opinions about it than any other game on the NFL Calendar. Thus, creating this blog entry.

First, I would like to share my and my guests picks from NFLVR Live! (2.22) presented by Jordan Ent. from Wednesday, January 29th. I was honored to be joined by Carley McCord (Cleveland Browns Broadcast Media Professional), Selina Samano (Cincinnati Bengals Cheerleader), Nova Kemp (NFLVR Analyst & CFO of Jordan Ent.), Robyn Vandenberg (Sports Talk Radio Personality), Tim McTyer (Former Cleveland Browns, Philadelphia Eagles & Indianapolis Colts Player), Russell Baxter aka The Football Guru (NFL Expert & Sports Writer), Thomas Murphy aka Murph (Sports Talk Radio Personality & Sports Writer), and Shaun Compton (NFLVR Analyst).

If you didn't watch the video above from Wednesday's NFLVR Live!, here's our picks:

Carley McCord: Broncos 27-17
Selina Samano: Broncos, but cheering for the Seahawks
Nova Kemp: Broncos
Robyn Vandenberg: Seahawks
Tim McTyer: Seahawks 24-21 or 23-21
Russell Baxter: Broncos 18-14, no TD's for Peyton Manning
Thomas Murphy: Seahawks 24-20
Shaun Compton: Broncos
Austin D. Jordan: Broncos 24-23. I don't like my pick, but it seems like destiny that Peyton Manning would win his second Super Bowl in Eli's stadium to match Eli's two Super Bowls.

BONUS PICK: My four-year old @LittleNFLFan picked the Broncos to win 28-17.

Now that I've shared my and my special guests picks from NFLVR Live! I'd like to share yours. Thursday night at 9:30 pm ET we tweeted out everyone's Super Bowl Picks from the show and asked who your pick is and the score. BIG SHOUT OUT to these 200+ FOLLOWERS that replied to our tweet within 48 hours of us asking:

@LuvBuffaloSport: Seahawks 31-28

@miamikris: Seahawks 31-20
@Ehrlich_Brandon: Seahawks 24-21@_captnamerica_: Broncos 20-17
@Kaaytayyy: Seahawks 35-28@TheSportsHunter: Seahawks 31-24
@geoffhansell: Broncos 38-17@BOBBY_JAMES_74: Broncos 31-21
@PDXpain: Seahawks 34-32@creditking75: Broncos 31-17
@Dan_Heim: Broncos 27-17@BrendanEppinga: Seahawks 27-24
@3BenJammin: Broncos 27-14@jake_houck: Seahawks 27-17
@dk_in_duluth: Seahawks 38-31@NickP13: Seahawks 24-17
@gmm71: Broncos 27-23@CNall80: Broncos 35-34
@BrownDiablo: Seahawks 42-38@MikeShuckSB47: Seahawks 28-24
@ChristophersZen: Seahawks 27-23@OF_Rob: Seahawks 27-23
@Ernest_Mtz_I: Broncos 31-28@APirruris: Broncos 24-17
@humanmnkywrench: Broncos 31-17@JFlyTF: Seahawks 24-0
@_WiseTweets: Broncos 24-21@JohnGarces: Seahawks 24-20
@pmramirez23: Broncos 27-17@carolinaclicks: Broncos 31-24
@Thejrose76: Seahawks 31-17@LuisNFL2013: Seahawks 27-24
@SirJDoran: Seahawks 28-24@BrinnyHiney: Broncos 27-21
@bd944: Broncos 47-10@NewtSports: Seahawks 24-23
@Avalon_Aguilar: Broncos 34-31@victoriaj413: Broncos 31-17
@bmarleylives: Seahawks 34-13@OliverHeeder: Broncos 27-14
@Brett_1111: Seahawks 24-10@NastyNarcissist: Broncos 30-13
@nflfanscomx: Seahawks 27-24@nickstiggly: Broncos 31-21
@maidenwickerman: Broncos 38-20@zachh_coxx: Seahawks 31-24
@3DownConversion: Seahawks 27-24, Broncos 24-20@NFLMascoteer: Seahawks 27-24
@RealContagious: Broncos 35-21@dustinhealy97: Broncos 34-30
@Revis_NY: Broncos 45-14@RealColSanders: Broncos 27-25
@CallMeJewbacca: Seahawks 24-21@sdbaker06: Seahawks 34-20
@D_Fry13: Broncos 28-17@JoshuaBean2: Seahawks 30-24
@fhassan19: Seahawks 31-21@kennyk223: Broncos 42-35
@supersport75: Broncos 35-27@NickyStanz07: Broncos 35-24
@dtrain0209: Broncos 24-20@DaBearUk: Broncos 38-28
@HenningA_DK: Broncos 30-27@IllegalReturn: Broncos 31-17
@cassellsforfish: Seahawks 17-13@FFMattLane: Seahawks 34-24
@JKLUTE1: Seahawks 27-17@DailyPamphlet: Broncos 42-17
@BIGAndrew_C: Seahawks 31-27@92easymoney: Seahawks 30-27
@Csummers505: Broncos 24-17@madmex79: Broncos 34-26
@ZacMercauto: Seahawks 23-17@TokeDK: Seahawks 21-17
@rachymacker: Broncos 21-17@PremierAmp: Broncos 34-17
@odeeze2000: Broncos 31-24@DI3G01: Seahawks 29-24
@Kweston83: Broncos 27-24@BigJimSports: Broncos 31-28
@bobby_cordova: Seahawks 34-31@Richardmeadors: Broncos 29-28
@Lionmars: Seahawks 24-21@kevin_holt: Seahawks 35-28
@PrisGatica: Broncos 19-14@Lakers305: Broncos 24-23
@WolfpackBuckeye: Broncos 24-10@findthemhot22: Seahawks 27-17
@Jason_sp88: Seahawks 24-17@leebird18: Broncos 24-10
@Carl317Hyden: Seahawks 27-20@JmDvila: Seahawks 21-17
@Donkey76: Broncos 56-17@getintotheBRAd: Broncos 35-24
@Reggie_Noble_: Broncos 20-17@BaumerR: Broncos 27-24
@cassina_andrea: Seahawks 21-17@Kiss_Tha_Baby: Seahawks 24-21
@SportSXMichelle: Broncos 24-23@Tadj315: Seahawks 24-10
@TCarrier12: Seahawks 27-21@quitman04: Broncos 28-17
@AaronSauce17: Broncos 24-17@redsoxjetshawks: Broncos 27-24
@MrPoklasny: Broncos 27-13@moreau_jeff: Seahawks 37-30
@ShaneNFL: Broncos 27-17@LAHohn_Sports: Seahawks 24-20
@forknightttwo: Broncos 6-3@Richjimenez5: Broncos 35-31
@kevinwatson73: Seahawks 22-12@ajedwards116: Seahawks 24-21
@Jnealis21: Seahawks 24-21@Budlightyear76: Broncos 31-17
@6xstatechamp: Seahawks 24-19@RealMSavage: Broncos 31-27
@smstanley55: Broncos 31-17@MsKylee84: Seahawks 38-31
@FieldJudge: Broncos 27-20@_MattTaylor_: Seahawks 27-24
@_rogervega: Broncos 31-14@TheArrogant_DON: Broncos 24-10
@Bryan_Amancha: Seahawks 28-21@LoMoHotDogs: Seahawks 15-3
@Griffin_Mags27: Seahawks 24-17@Quacks12: Broncos 24-14
@nick_sing10: Broncos 34-31@nPetro19: Broncos 27-24
@The_Short_Stak: Broncos 33-27@jorge_gr13: Seahawks 33-27
@JaredinOmaha: Broncos 37-17@AdilKarimi: Broncos 24-14
@ronrowcliffe: Broncos 31-17@JaredHlaw3: Seahawks 23-17
@HopeFaithLove_9: Seahawks 31-24@terilyns68: Broncos 38-14
@TheRealCvNeal: Seahawks 24-23@abriggs_14: Broncos 23-20
@ltjsaints75: Broncos 24-17@Flash_Joey: Broncos 34-20
@OVOngell: Broncos 28-17@DHenry52: Broncos 34-29
@IronCity17: Seahawks 31-20@Bigsmooth208: Broncos 35-20
@jmcclellan117: Broncos 31-24@MattyHarrison3: Broncos 31-21
@_Mjohn10_: Broncos 27-21@magic_of_macy: Broncos 28-21
@BklynJETSkid71: Broncos 24-16@Kamberlee: Seahawks 21-17
@BigpapiBrooks1: Broncos 30-24@J2ThaMar: Broncos 34-17
@whoDAT_alex: Broncos 42-17@_KiDL3gendary_: Broncos 27-23
@Cieraa__: Broncos 24-10@Bob_Lazzari: Seahawks 27-24
@SportsCrazee Seahawks 27-24@kosmobrown: Broncos 34-17
@Anthonys_Era: Seahawks 24-17@OMAR_FOOTBALL: Seahawks 31-28
@HIS_AIR_NESS: Broncos 27-20@PatmanSays: Broncos 31-20
@JaysenWade87: Broncos 28-20@XopherGault: Broncos 19-14
@GfunkAlex: Broncos 42-24@shaqnosis1: Broncos 27-17
@ZackBonnette: Broncos 38-24@mckay317: Broncos 30-17
@bearshouse10: Broncos 28-14@iProdigy_: Broncos 30-24
@MCREDSKINS: Broncos 34-24@SurajHansal: Broncos 36-22
@j_maskell25: Broncos 24-20@DomInzinna: Broncos 34-17
@Thomhj: Broncos 34-17@yLiam96: Seahawks 27-24
@Rsmith0391: Broncos 31-24@KipMacarthur: Broncos 27-20
@almailva: Seahawks 27-20@jceatonvt: Broncos 28-10
@RickFargoTV: Broncos 31-17@KingDostin7: Broncos 30-28
@danyajegede: Seahawks 27-20@Ure_Highness_: Seahawks 20-13
@Cam_gohard77: Seahawks 31-30@C_Sletty: Seahawks 23-16
@girlsportaddict: Seahawks 22-20@shirleycheesem1: Seahawks 30-10
@FauxAndyLuck: Broncos 27-17@JLK822: Seahawks 24-21
@seanzo123x: Broncos 27-13@this_guyDJ: Broncos 24-10
@isimmons_55: Seahawks 17-16@saidahmed_: Seahawks 24-21
@MusicIz4Eva_: Broncos 27-17@jelam1: Broncos 34-17
@mikebara33: Seahawks 41-27@teamMVP18: Broncos 31-16
@nflnfox: Broncos 31-10@TruChrisMerritt: Broncos 27-21
@DaTruth_since95: Broncos 23-20@SPS60GUNNER: Seahawks 27-17
@Ace560: Seahawks 28-24@BobbyOsborn44: Broncos 34-23
@MrLonsterRobot: Seahawks 35-21@Elvisnga: Broncos 34-17
Thank you very much for sharing your picks with me, NFLVR's followers, and everyone that reads this blog entry. You, your follows, interactions, and opinions are welcomed and appreciated. I hope you have a great Super Bowl Day and hope you will connect with me using my links below. Also, don't forget to tune in to NFLVR Live!'s Season Finale Wednesday with Carley McCord (Cleveland Browns Broadcast Media Professional), JJ Birden (Former Kansas City Chiefs, Atlanta Falcons, Dallas Cowboys & Cleveland Browns Player), and myself at 10 pm ET right here on

Austin D. Jordan
Founder of NFLVR