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Welcome to Week 5 of the NFL Regular Season

Austin's take:

Green Bay Packers at Indianapolis Colts: This will be a fun game to watch. The chess match of Andrew Luck (275+ yds 1+ TD's) vs the Packers aggressive defense. As some of you have read, I'm big on Donnie Avery as a sleeper this season and this could be a big game for him. But, coming off the bye and TJ Hilton having such a big Week 3, I'm a little concerned. So, look for Coby Fleener (85+ yds 1+ TD's) to have his career game and for Reggie Wayne to be solid. However, I expect Aaron Rodgers (250+ yds 2+ TD's), Jordy Nelson, James Jones, and Cedric Benson (90+ yds 1+ TD's) to simply put up too many points for the Colts to have a legitimate shot at victory. In addition to the players highlighted for fantasy football purposes I like the Packers -6.5.

Miami Dolphins at Cincinnati Bengals: Look for Ryan Tannehill's success to continue by him finding Davone Bess (90+ yds 1+ TD's) early and often now that Cincinnati's pass defense will put it's focus squarely on Brian Hartline after coming off his career game. Look for Reggie Bush (100+ tot yds 1+ TD's) to break a big one on a carry or reception out of the backfield. Sounds like I'm picking the Fins, huh? Well, not so fast my friends. Look for Andy Dalton (250+ yds 2+ TD's) to be forced to throw due to the stingy Miami Dolphins run defense (allowed 2.4 ypc in 2012, 3.7 ypc 2011 & 3.6 ypc in 2010) to swallow up any fantasy hopes you may have for BenJarvus Green-Ellis. Dalton will of course be throwing to A.J. Green (80+ yds 1+ TD's), Andrew Hawkins, and Jermaine Gresham (40+ yds 1+ TD's) all game long with a few dump offs to the RB's. In addition to the players highlighted for fantasy football purposes I like the Dolphins +3.5.

Baltimore Ravens at Kansas City Chiefs: I look for a bounce back game out of Ray Rice 100+ tot yds 1+ TD's and Dennis Pitta 60+ yds 1+ TD's. Think Torrey Smith, Dwayne Bowe, and Jamaal Charles will be solid as well. One deep sleeper in this game to watch is Shaun Draughn, been tweeting about him for a few weeks now. If Charles were to get banged up, Draughn could have a decent fantasy impact.

Atlanta Falcons at Washington Redskins: This will be a surprising game to most because I expect Robert Griffin III to throw for less than 200 yards. Matt Ryan (250+ yds 2+ TD's), Julio Jones (80+ yds 1+ TD's), and the rest of the Falcons will simply be too much for the Skins. If the Redskins are smart they will run Alfred Morris over and over despite what I expect to be limited success, but they have to try to keep Ryan and that high powered offense off the field. In addition to the players highlighted for fantasy football purposes I like the Falcons -3.

Cleveland Browns at New York Giants: Can really sum this game up in one phase of the game; Run Game. I expect the Giants to throw a little, get the lead, and then pound Ahmad Bradshaw (100+ tot yds 1+ TD's) and Andre Brown down the Browns throat for three quarters. On the flip side of that, I expect the Giants to concentrate on nothing but stopping Trent Richardson. Martellus Bennett (60+ yds 1+ TD's) should bounce back after last week's whatever that was and of course Victor Cruz should have 60+ yards receiving. In addition to the players highlighted for fantasy football purposes I like the Giants -8.

Denver Broncos at New England Patriots: Let the fun begin! This should be an exciting game to watch. I expect Peyton Manning (250+ yds 2+ TD's) to look like he's in his prime throwing to Demaryius Thomas (80+ yds 1+ TD's), Eric Decker (70+ yds 1+TD's), Jacob Tamme, Joel Dreesseen, and Brandon Stokley. Willis McGahee (70+ yds 1+ TD's) should also have a good game. You can never count out Tom Brady, Wes Welker (80+ yds 1+ TD's), Rob Gronkowski (questionable), Brandon Lloyd, and company. I would temper expectation for Stevan Ridley and Brandon Bolden, both coming off big games and the Broncos Run D is better than you make think. In addition to the players highlighted for fantasy football purposes I like the Broncos +7.

San Diego Chargers at New Orleans Saints: One word will sum this game up, shootout. Philip Rivers (275+ yds 2+ TD's), Antonio Gates (70+ yds 1+ TD's), Malcom Floyd (85+ yds 1+ TD's), and Ryan Mathews will do their best to make the New Orleans Saints 0-5. Sadly, Drew Brees and the Saints seem to only care about records which is terribly disturbing. Before Saints Fans roll their eyes at me and think/say this Austin guy doesn't know anything, ask yourself how many times have you heard a player talk about breaking a record for a week leading up to a game? Drew Brees has talked about it all week and I've heard him say more about breaking the record than who he's playing. If that's not enough proof for you, go look at the scores of the final 3 games of the 2011 games and notice in the play-by-play that the Saints were throwing almost every single down with 2-3 TD leads in the 4th quarter so Brees & Graham could get the records they set last season. It seems like karma to me and I'm not a faithful follower of karma, that the Saints are 0-4. In addition to the players highlighted for fantasy football purposes I like the Chargers +4.

Brent Celek (50+ yds 1+ TD's)
Bears Defense: look for Blaine Gabbert to look completely overwhelmed facing the Bears D.
Adrian Peterson (80+ tot yds 1+ TD's)
Frank Gore (70+ tot yds 1+ TD's)
Vernon Davis (60+ yds 1+ TD's)

Monday Night Football: Houston Texans at New York Jets is going to be more of the same from last week for the Jets. In other words, the Jets Offense should once again be offensive to Jets Fans. I would be beyond impressed if the Jets score more than 17 points and that would include a return for a TD from the Special Teams or D. Now, I don't expect the Texans to completely shut out the Jets like I thought the 49ers would and did last week. Look for Arian Foster (120+ yds 2+ TD's) to have a monster game on MNF. In addition to Foster for fantasy football purposes I like Texans -7.5.

Thursday Night Football: I like Arizona Cardinals RB Ryan Williams to have 85+ total yards and 1+ TD's. I expect Williams to get more than 14 touches tonight, had 14 touches Week 4 and Week 3, but has yet to score a TD this season. Week 4 he played the terrific run defense of the Miami Dolphins, so he should perform much better against the St. Louis Rams run defense. Week 3 Williams had 14 touches for 95 yards, I expect something similar but with at least 1 TD. (click here for the tweet)

Waiver Wire Pick-ups for Week 5 (go get now): Miami Dolphins WR Davone Bess (I assume Brian Hartline is on a roster at this point but I like Bess more for Week 5), New York Giants TE Martellus Bennett, and Baltimore Ravens TE Dennis Pitta. (click here for the tweet)

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Nova's take:

Green Bay Packers to beat the Indianapolis Colts and for Aaron Rodgers to have a big game.
Atlanta Falcons to beat the Washington Redskins and for Matt Ryan to have a big game.
New York Giants to beat the Cleveland Browns.
Chicago Bears to beat the Jacksonville Jaguars and for Matt Forte to have a big game.
San Francisco 49ers to beat the Buffalo Bills.
Houston Texans to beat the New York Jets and for Arian Foster to have a big game.

Nova Kemp
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Shaun's take:


Thursday Night Football: Arizona Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald will have 100+ yards 1+ TD's and RB Ryan Williams will have 100+ yards 1+ TD's. (click here for the tweet)


Arizona Cardinals at St. Louis Rams: picks the Cardinals to win straight up.

More picks will be updated by 10 am ET Saturday.

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Austin's Week 5 Power Rankings:
1. San Francisco 49ers (1)
2. Houston Texans (3)
3. New England Patriots (4)
4. Green Bay Packers (2)
5. Baltimore Ravens (5)
6. Atlanta Falcons (6)
7. Chicago Bears (14)
8. New York Giants (8)
9. Philadelphia Eagles (13)
10. San Diego Chargers (10)
11. Pittsburgh Steelers (12)
12. Arizona Cardinals (16)
13. Minnesota Vikings (18)
14. Denver Broncos (11)
15. Seattle Seahawks (9)
16. Dallas Cowboys (7)
17. Kansas City Chiefs (21)
18. Buffalo Bills (20)
19. Miami Dolphins (24)
20. Washington Redskins (22)
21. Cincinnati Bengals (17)
22. Detroit Lions (15)
23. Carolina Panthers (19)
24. New Orleans Saints (23)
25. Tennessee Titans (27)
26. St. Louis Rams (25)
27. Tampa Bay Bucs (29)
28. Cleveland Browns (30)
29. Jacksonville Jaguars (31)
30. Indianapolis Colts (32)
31. Oakland Raiders (26)
32. New York Jets (28)

Austin's Playoff Picks:
NFC North - Packers
NFC East - Eagles
NFC South - Falcons
NFC West - 49ers
NFC Wild Card - Bears
NFC Wild Card - Seahawks
AFC North - Ravens
AFC East - Patriots
AFC South - Texans
AFC West - Chargers
AFC Wild Card - Steelers
AFC Wild Card - Bills
Super Bowl NFC - 49ers
Super Bowl AFC - Ravens
Winner - Ravens