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Welcome to Week 7 of the NFL Regular Season

Austin's expectations:
(players are listed from expected best performance to worst at each position)

Drew Brees (New Orleans Saints): 350+ yards and 3+ TD's
Robert Griffin III (Washington Redskins): 240+ yards, 1+ TD's, 45+ rush yards, and 1+ TD's
Tony Romo (Dallas Cowboys): 300+ yards and 2+ TD's
Eli Manning (New York Giants): 285+ yards and 2+ TD's
Joe Flacco (Baltimore Ravens): 275+ yards and 2+ TD's
Tom Brady (New England Patriots): 310+ yards 1+ TD's
Matthew Stafford (Detroit Lions): 250+ yards, 2+ TD's, and 10+ rush yards
Ben Roethlisberger (Pittsburgh Steelers): 250+ yards 2+ TD'ss, and 10+ rush yards
Andrew Luck (Indianapolis Colts): 275+ yards, 1+ TD's, and 15+ rush yards
Ryan Fitzpatrick (Buffalo Bills): 200+ yards and 2+ TD's
Carson Palmer (Oakland Raiders): 275+ yards and 1+ TD's
Josh Freeman (Tampa Bay Buccaneers): 250+ yards and 1+ TD's
Brandon Weeden (Cleveland Browns): 250+ yards and 1+ TD's
Matt Hasselbeck (Tennessee Titans): 250+ yards and 1+ TD's
Aaron Rodgers (Green Bay Packers): 235+ yards, 1+ TD's, and 10+ rush yards
Matt Schaub (Houston Texans): 200+ yards 1+ TD's

Arian Foster (Houston Texans): 100+ total yards and 1+ TD's
Darren McFadden (Oakland Raiders): 100+ total yards and 1+ TD's
Maurice Jones-Drew (Jacksonville Jaguars): 100+ total yards and 1+ TD's
Stevan Ridley (New England Patriots): 90+ total yards and 1+ TD's
Chris Johnson (Tennessee Titans): 90+ total yards and 1+ TD's
Alex Green (Green Bay Packers): 80+ total yards and 1+ TD's
Steven Jackson (St. Louis Rams): 80+ total yards and 1+ TD's
Doug Martin (Tampa Bay Buccaneers): 70+ total yards and 1+ TD's
Trent Richardson (Cleveland Browns): 70+ total yards and 1+ TD's
Jonathan Dwyer (Pittsburgh Steelers): 70+ total yards and 1+ TD's
BenJarvus Green-Ellis (Cincinnati Bengals): 70+ total yards and 1+ TD's
Ray Rice (Baltimore Ravens): 90+ total yards
Alfred Morris (Washington Redskins): 80+ total yards
Fred Jackson (Buffalo Bills): 80+ total yards
Felix Jones (Dallas Cowboys): 80+ total yards
Vick Ballard (Indianapolis Colts): 40+ total yards and 1+ TD's
Matt Forte (Chicago Bears): 60+ total yards (mostly receiving)
Mikel LeShoure (Detroit Lions): 50+ total yards (mostly receiving)

Marques Colston (New Orleans Saints): 100+ yards and 1+ TD's
Calvin Johnson (Detroit Lions): 90+ yards and 1+ TD's
Kenny Britt (Tennessee Titans): 75+ yards and 1+ TD's
Antonio Brown (Pittsburgh Steelers): 75+ yards and 1+ TD's
Reggie Wayne (Indianapolis Colts): 70+ yards and 1+ TD's
Miles Austin (Dallas Cowboys): 70+ yards and 1+ TD's
Jeremy Kerley (New York Jets): 70+ yards and 1+ TD's
Hakeem Nicks (New York Giants): 70+ yards and 1+ TD's
Anquan Boldin (Baltimore Ravens): 70+ yards and 1+ TD's
Wes Welker (New England Patriots): 100+ yards
Lance Moore (New Orleans Saints): 60+ yards and 1+ TD's
Chris Givens (St. Louis Rams): 60+ yards and 1+ TD's
Stevie Johnson (Buffalo Bills): 60+ yards and 1+ TD's
Andre Johnson (Houston Texans): 60+ yards and 1+ TD's
Larry Fitzgerald (Arizona Cardinals): 80+ yards
Denarius Moore (Oakland Raiders): 70+ yards
Jordy Nelson (Green Bay Packers): 70+ yards
Torrey Smith (Baltimore Ravens): 50+ yards
Mike Wallace (Pittsburgh Steelers): 50+ yards
Victor Cruz (New York Giants): 50+ yards
Josh Gordon (Cleveland Browns): 50+ yards
A.J. Green (Cincinnati Bengals): 50+ yards
Donnie Avery (Indianapolis Colts): 50+ yards
Kevin Ogletree (Dallas Cowboys): 50+ yards
Domenik Hixon (New York Giants): 50+ yards

Brandon Myers (Oakland Raiders): 60+ yards and 1+ TD's
Fred Davis (Washington Redskins): 50+ yards and 1+ TD's
Greg Olsen (Carolina Panthers): 50+ yards and 1+ TD's
Brandon Pettigrew (Detroit Lions): 50+ yards and 1+ TD's
Jermichael Finley (Green Bay Packers): 50+ yards and 1+ TD's
Scott Chandler (Buffalo Bills): 40+ yards and 1+ TD's
Rob Gronkowski (New England Patriots): 40+ yards and 1+ TD's
Heath Miller (Pittsburgh Steelers): 40+ yards and 1+ TD's
Dennis Pitta (Baltimore Ravens): 40+ yards and 1+ TD's
Martellus Bennett (New York Giants): 40+ yards and 1+ TD's
Jason Witten (Dallas Cowboys): 60+ yards
Owen Daniels (Houston Texans): 50+ yards
Coby Fleener (Indianapolis Colts): 40+ yards

Game Picks: Dallas Cowboys -2 (at Carolina Panthers), Pittsburgh Steelers -1 (at Cincinnati Bengals), and Detroit Lions +6.5 (at Chicago Bears).

Thursday Night Football: Tonight's game in between the Seattle Seahawks and the San Francisco 49ers should be a defensive struggle, thus limiting it's Fantasy Football worth. I do think Vernon Davis could be, maybe the only Fantasy Football worthy play from this game because he matches up well against the big, fast, physical Seattle D. The only thing I really like in this game is the Under 38 total points spread.

Austin D. Jordan
Owner & Founder of NFLVR
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Nova's take:

Fantasy Picks:
QB: Drew Brees, Eli Manning, Tony Romo
RB: Arian Foster, Stevan Ridley, Chris Johnson
WR: Wes Welker, Marques Colston, Calvin Johnson
TE: Rob Gronkowski, Brandon Myers

Picks: Indianapolis Colts (vs Cleveland Browns), Green Bay Packers (at St. Louis Rams), and New England Patriots (vs New York Jets).

Nova Kemp
NFLVR Analyst
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Shaun's take:

Players who might be available as FA or Waiver pickup who can help your due to Injury or BYE week issues, who I like this week:

QB: R.Fitzpartick, J.Freeman, C.Palmer, J.Skelton (if deperate)
WR: J.Kerley, D.Avery, B.Gibson
RB: F.Jones, A.Green, D.Richardson, A.Brown (if A.Bradshaw sits)
TE: S.Chandler, M.Bennett, B.Myers, F.Davis

PLAYERS who I just think will have a big week:

QB: D.Brees, E.Manning, T.Romo, RG3, A.Luck, B.Roethlisberger
WR: M.Colston, M.Austin, T.Smith, S.Johnson, A.Johnson, K.Britt, H.Nicks, V.Cruz, M.Williams, L.Fitzgerald, D.Moore, M.Wallace, L.Moore
RB: A.Foster, S.Ridley, D.Martin, A.Morris, D.McFadden, T.Richardson, M.Jones-Drew, C.Johnson, D.Sproles (ppr)
TE: J.Witten, O.Daniels, B.Pettigrew

Shaun Compton
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Austin's Week 7 Power Rankings:
1. Green Bay Packers (3)
2. New York Giants (8)
3. New England Patriots (2)
4. San Francisco 49ers (1)
5. Seattle Seahawks (14)
6. Atlanta Falcons (4)
7. Baltimore Ravens (5)
8. Houston Texans (6)
9. Denver Broncos (13)
10. Chicago Bears (7)
11. Pittsburgh Steelers (10)
12. Philadelphia Eagles (9)
13. New Orleans Saints (17)
14. Dallas Cowboys (15)
15. San Diego Chargers (11)
16. Washington Redskins (20)
17. Minnesota Vikings (12)
18. Miami Dolphins (16)
19. Buffalo Bills (19)
20. Detroit Lions (22)
21. Arizona Cardinals (21)
22. Tennessee Titans (27)
23. Cleveland Browns (28)
24. Tampa Bay Bucs (29)
25. Cincinnati Bengals (23)
26. Kansas City Chiefs (18)
27. Carolina Panthers (25)
28. St. Louis Rams (26)
29. Oakland Raiders (30)
30. New York Jets (24)
31. Indianapolis Colts (31)
32. Jacksonville Jaguars (32)

Austin's Playoff Picks:
NFC North - Packers
NFC East - Giants
NFC South - Falcons
NFC West - 49ers
NFC Wild Card - Bears
NFC Wild Card - Seahawks
AFC North - Ravens
AFC East - Patriots
AFC South - Texans
AFC West - Broncos
AFC Wild Card - Steelers
AFC Wild Card - Chargers
Super Bowl NFC - Packers
Super Bowl AFC - Patriots
SB Winner - Packers