NFL Fantasy Football Leagues

Welcome to our SIXTH year of doing NFLVR / Austin D. Jordan NFL Fantasy Football Cash Prize / Money Leagues! This year we are offering leagues ranging from $100 to $2,500 in cash prizes and with entry fees from $10 to $250. As always, our leagues have ZERO HIDDEN FEES! You simply pay the entry fee of the league(s) you want to enter, manage your team to the best of your ability and you will receive the full amount of the league prize(s) in which you win.

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If you are reading this, there is a good chance that you are familiar with NFLVR and Austin D. Jordan. That said, you would know that we are extremely picky with whom we partner and for whom we advertise. Austin D. Jordan and NFLVR have been known to drop major brands when allegations of dishonesty has come about. It's not easy to simply walkaway from those marketing dollars every month, but Austin D. Jordan has done just that to maintain his and NFLVR's reputation as being very trusted brands.

2016 NFL Training Camps

NFL Football is back, well almost. Here are the 2016 NFL Training Camp Report Dates for every NFL Team:

July 20 - New Orleans Saints (Rookies)

July 22 - Baltimore Ravens (Rookies)

July 23 - Detroit Lions (Rookies)

July 24 - Denver Broncos (Rookies), New England Patriots (Rookies), Oakland Raiders (Rookies), Philadelphia Eagles (Rookies)

2016 NFL Mock Draft Results

To say that the 2016 NFL Draft's First Round was a little crazy would be an understatement. Here are the actual results from some of the best NFL Expert's Mock Drafts.

NOTE: See the summaries below the chart for insight on how the experts truly did because some of them look worse and some better on the chart than they actually were.


Austin D. Jordan

Mike Mayock

Daniel Jeremiah


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JJ Birden Annual Super Bowl Pick

Every year I create a video with my prediction for the upcoming Super Bowl. So here is my pick for Super Bowl 50 between the Carolina Panthers vs. Denver Broncos.

JJ Birden
Retired NFL Player
America's #1 Opportunity Trainer
Bestselling Author
Official Website

The Weekend

The Weekend is a short film directed by Dennis Cahlo that stars Danielle Guldin and Taso Mikroulis.

Danielle Guldin, yes that Danielle Guldin, Former NFL Cheerleader for the Philadelphia Eagles is at it again! This is Guldin's second lead role (Almost Mercy) in a film in 2015. To say this USMC Veteran and Eagles Cheer Alum's career in the entertainment industry has taken off would be an understatement!


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